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Just Do It

2020-10-23 14:04:21

You don't need to be a star to have a voice. #YouCantStopOurVoice For voting information see link in bio.

2020-10-12 02:13:05

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Congrats to Chicago’s own @antdavis23 on an incredible championship win and for embodying what Chicago is famous for. #YouCantStopSport

2020-10-07 01:41:58

Chicago’s Finest, Seattle’s Dynasty. Congrats to 2020 @wnba Champion, @jewellloyd. #YouCantStopSport

2020-10-03 14:02:20

The Time Is Now. Get Registered at vote.nike.com #YouCantStopOurVoice

2020-08-23 14:49:17

Kobe taught us to be better. A better scorer, better mentor, better father, better champion. Today, on his birthday, we continue his endless pursuit of better.  Explore #MambaMentality.  https://www.nike.com/mamba-mentality

2020-07-30 14:50:34

Nothing can stop what we can do together. Join us – link in bio. #YouCantStopUs

2020-06-28 20:00:10

When our team is redefined, we can come together in the face of adversity to fight for equality not just in sport, but in expression. @partynoire celebrated #BeTrue by creating a safe space for Black joy in Chicago’s LGBTQIA+ community.

2020-06-26 18:29:17

Being on our Team means we’re in this together. United in solidarity. Unstoppable in the pursuit of equality. Prevailing through obstacles. Creating change despite adversity. Reclaiming our spaces. Celebrating the Black roots of Pride. Leading by example, for the next generation. We honor the strength and creativity of the LGBTQIA+ community. Let’s ensure a future where we can ALL #BeTrue. #UntilWeAllWin

2020-06-12 23:31:18

We will continue to stand up for equality and work to break down barriers for athletes* all over the world. We will do and invest more to uphold longstanding commitment in supporting the Black community and partnering with world-class organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice, and greater access to education. ⠀ ⠀ For more information, please click the link in the bio.

2020-05-29 22:52:39

Let’s all be part of the change. #UntilWeAllWin

2020-05-24 15:01:27

Say hi to @cataldanasager, a wellness coach and yoga guru. She started her journey in search of inspiration—but what she developed was a completely new outlook on life, one that she could use to help others with their daily stresses. ⠀ We’re excited to share her powerful practice with you during a FREE online yoga class this Wednesday, May 27th! Check out Cat’s profile to sign up and learn more about being mindful. #youcantstopus

2020-05-17 20:00:10

@chicagorun is a nonprofit that brings fun and inclusive fitness programs to youth and families in local Chicago neighborhoods. Meet the team… Introducing Coach Martin, who dreams of becoming an Olympic runner and putting Little Village on the map. Every day he pushes himself to give back, and it’s this attitude that makes him a shining example for the community that raised him. Head to @chicagorun to learn more about their program. #playinside #playfortheworld #youcantstopus


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