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2020-10-21 19:03:37

LET’S TALK ABOUT INDOOR WEDDINGS (again). Remember how a couple weeks ago I posted about dark venues? Well, we’re gonna cover that oooooone more time. M + M are both photographers/videographers themselves, so when we started talking about photography for their wedding — they KNEW what they wanted. M + M knew they loved the warm ambient light of The Baker Building, so they wanted to make sure the natural atmosphere was totally preserved. This meant a little tiny bit of extra grain at some points of the day, since I was shooting at a higher ISO without flash (sorry if this is Greek to ya). BUT, the results were absolutely stunning. If you’re having an indoor wedding, we can talk a bit about your style preference — deciding whether natural light shooting or OCF (off camera flash) is right for your venue/what you and your partner are looking for. I have example galleries, OF COURSE. And sometimes OCF is essential for certain indoor venues. But, sometimes it is feasible to do without it. If your venue’s local to me, I’m always MORE than happy to do an in-person (socially distanced) venue walk-through to help decipher this. Or, if I’m not local, some internet research and a FaceTime with your venue coordinator can do the trick, too! Anything it takes to make sure your wedding & your wedding photos turn out amazing, you know I’ll do.

2020-10-21 01:12:54

They’re engaged! Eric + I had to plan this day so carefully + strategically to make sure it was a surprise for Emily. I’ll be honest, it *did* involve a little bit of fibbing on my part about who I am, what I do, etc. BUT, I came clean eventually — so I guess that makes it all okay, right? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All worth it though because Emily was NEXT LEVEL surprised and obviously so dang excited to say yes (!!) to the love of her life. So thankful I got to be a part of this day. Totally worth the 4 AM alarm.

2020-10-19 18:57:07

This is why I give myself time to location scout for every wedding. I found this moody library nook inside of the hotel where Natalie + Javee were getting ready/staying. I was walking around a few minutes before my coverage for the day officially began — mainly checking out potential first look spots. But then my eyes landed on THIS. And all of a sudden I could just picture this dark, moody, Vogue-esque shot of Natalie + Javee on that leather couch. So, later that day, we got it. It was starting to drizzle outside after family portraits, so we bopped into the hotel, took a few minutes to warm up inside, and created this MAGIC together. To say I was floored would be an understatement. I mean LOOK AT THEM. @vogue, @gq, @brides — I’VE FOUND YOUR NEXT TOP MODELS.

2020-10-09 01:44:25

LET’S TALK ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS If you wanna get the most “bang for your buck” from your engagement session, OUTFIT CHANGES are the answer. Whether that means just bringing different layers and accessories (hats, jackets, jewelry, etc.) or doing three entirely different looks (like A + D did here), it can add SO much variety to your pics. I like to recommend a cozy look, a more formal/summer-y look, and then whatever the heck you want for your third. A + D wore bathing suits — which was a blast and we also got to make some funky, blurry goodness at the end. See how we were able to document three entirely different moods in less than 2 hours? YUP, outfit changes. And, subtle plug: when you book with me, I send over a 20+ page of engagement session advice (with over 15+ pages of outfit advice, which is A LOT). I have a some free tips on my website too — click the link in my bio to seeeee! P.S. BRING YOUR DOGS TO YOUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION (third pic to see honey in all her glory)

2020-09-30 01:09:22

“LIZ, MY VENUE IS REALLY DARK. IS THAT GONNA BE OKAY FOR PHOTOGRAPHY?” When couples are getting married indoors (ESPECIALLY in a dimly lit Catholic Church — like in this first photo), I’ve found that this is a really common question I get asked. And, it’s SO. DANG. VALID. The light is far different indoors than it is outdoors — some people might call it “tricky” to shoot in. The light can be uneven, really warm (or “orange” for my non-photography peeps out there), and it just can be plain DARK in there. Throw in the restrictions that most churches have (to name a couple: photographers not being allowed to go past a certain pew and not being allowed to use flash), and it could seem like a perfect cocktail for disastrous photography. Luckily, I’ve got alllllll the experience I (+ YOU) need to shoot in ANY lighting situation. Whether that means pushing through with no flash (first and second pics) or busting out my ninja-like off camera flash set up (third and fourth pics), I’VE GOT YOUR BACKS. The proof is in the pics 😜 You know I’ve gotchu covered.

2020-09-16 16:45:39

TIPS TO PLAN FOR YOUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION Remember how I launched my new website a couple weeks ago? Wellllll one of the biggest bonuses of my new site is that I’ve created lots and lots of blog posts for y’all of wedding & engagement planning tips, tid bits, and advice. They’re scattered alllll over my site, buttttt if you don’t feel like going on a website scavenger hunt you can just click the link in my IG bio to be taken to ✨ HOW TO PLAN FOR THE PERFECT ENGAGEMENT SESSION ✨ P.S. These two cuuuties are tying the knot this Sunday and I can’t WAIT!

2020-09-15 21:28:42

Something I tell every couple as much as I possibly can is: “Make your wedding day about you”. I think that’s something I love about all of the couples I work with — they DO that. And Maddi & Marshall DID that (& they’re doing it again on Thursday). They opted to have two weddings in 2020 — one in June & one this week in September. And, I just feel lucky that I get to be there for both. First, they eloped on a street corner in LA with just two friends, an officiant, their officiant’s wife, and me. We did their first look next to a building with peeling paint, their couple portraits on street corners and in alleyways and and vintage furniture stores (invited in by the owner, of course). We got coffee. Twice. And then in less than two days we’re celebrating them again in Portland. Their wedding is Fantastic Mr. Fox themed (yes, hello, I am internally screaming I am so excited. Hire me for all the Wes Anderson-themed weddings please) with food from one of their fave restaurants and stroopwaffel for dessert. MAKE YOUR WEDDING DAY ABOUT YOU. Do the things you like! Eat the foods you want! YOUR WEDDING DAY IS YOURS.

2020-09-04 19:31:25

ANNOUNCEMENT Well, today is THE day. It’s a day I’ve been planning for months (literally since February, y’all). And, now that it’s here, my heart is practically beating outta my chest ‘cause I am THAT excited. Today I’m announcing: MY NEW WEBSITE + BRANDING! For so, so long, I was trying to find my place in this photography world — to really figure out what I wanted “Liz Erban Photo” to even be. I’ve toyed around with lots of ideas throughout the years, but nothing ever felt like it stuck or truly represented what I want to be all about. And then it came to me: I want to create a stress-free photography experience for people in love. Everything changed from there. And, while I’ve already really been leaning into this “stress-free photography approach” with my current clients for months now, today is the day it‘s being OFFICIALLY announced on the ‘Gram and on my WEBSITE. Go check it out by clicking that cute link in my bio. It’s not perfect, and it will forever be a work in progress (websites always are). But, it’s MINE & I can’t wait for you all to see what I’ve had up my sleeve for the past 7 months!

2020-09-03 17:39:08

This week has been a lot to say the very least. But, I am SO dang excited to announce this big ole announcement tomorrow to you all (and afterwards to have some time to freaking relax for a hot second and not keep spending 14+ hour days at my computer). I hope you’re all as hyped as I am ‘cause I am superrrr HYPED.

2020-08-28 20:31:00

ONE WEEK TILL MY BIGGGG ANNOUNCEMENT 🥳 Sorry to be a little MIA the past couple weeks. I mean, has anyone even noticed though? Be honest 😉 I swear it’ll all be more than worth it soon 🎉🎊

2020-08-15 22:26:26

I had some catchy lyric in my head to use for this caption, but it escaped me as soon as I opened my keyboard. ANYWHO, I’ve got a big ole announcement coming in 3 weeks that you should be reallllll HYPED for. If you’ve got any guesses, feel free to leave ‘em below. I won’t tell if you’re right or wrong but 💁🏼‍♀️

2020-08-03 00:20:27

Social media’s weird right now ‘cause liiiiike I’ve got so many beautiful faces to post but I keep forgetting that Instagram exists & then elopement photos sit in my camera roll for months at a time until I remember again.


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