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2020-05-20 16:13:18

Travel is pretty decent, you get to run away from your problems by leaving your country or continent. Travel is also super boring at times, so here's my top 5 reasons why to get a travel partner. 1) Travel partners are easier to carry around than a tripod: Tired of selfies (of course you're not, this is insta). Sometimes you also have to get a bit of the background in the shot to keep the page looking innovative. Instead of having to tweak a tripod for the best angle, pay thousands of dollars to have a partner come with you around the world to take the perfect shots. 2) Make flights more comfortable: don't you hate having a stranger sit next to you on crowded flights yakking away with his life story or constantly complaining that its not good etiquette to put your feet over his lap? Avoid this by sitting next to someone who has already told their life story so you don't have to listen again. 3) Partners can provide: hate paying for travel? Bring along someone that will pay for all flights, hotels and outings. I found this works for most female influencers in the 18 - 26 year old age range. No idea why. 4) Partners have their own luggage: sometimes you're overweight (in life and at check-in). Avoid having to be overweight (at check-in) and save a few bucks by putting your spare/prohibited goods in your partners bag. (Shout out to @tjy___lo for carrying all my cocaine back for me on the last flight) 5) Partners may remember something you forgot to pack: like that time I forgot to work for 2 years and make money but my partner packed their credit card to have a super time travelling Asia. Word #couplegoals #couplegoal #couple #couples #coupleshoot #sunrise #loveyou #love #kissme #couplegoals❤ #partnerincrime #partner #beachlife #vibes #goals❤️ #whitesand #seaside #instalove #partners #otherhalf #sundayfunday #livingthedream #paradise #creativecouples #iamtb #southafricanabroad #travelbuddies

2020-05-12 16:17:33

5 things to try in the Caribbean. The Caribbean, known mostly for it's chilled lifestyle, beautiful beaches and jerk food, has other great features that loads of people entirely miss when travelling. Here's my top five "what to try out" when visiting these turquoise-water islands: 1) Try poverty. With the exorbitant prices in Cayman, Bahamas and Bermuda, this is an easy task for budget travellers. Like most of the population that live under the poverty line, try not being able to afford decent accommodation or try going fishing for your dinner. 2) Try Communism. A little trip to the island known for Cigars, Music and Fidel Castro will have you transported right back to the 1980's. No cellphone signal, wifi hotzones and little outside influence will have you doing all those boring pre-technology activities like talking to your friends, or physical day activities. 3) Try crime. Nothing is worse than a tourist that refuses to immerse themselves in local culture. Blend in with Jamaicans  by mugging tourists, harassing pedestrians and selling the "green" wherever you can. 4) Try being stationary. With a host of "all-inclusive resorts" try flying down to one of the 13 territories and never leaving your hotel. Be like millions of annual visitors that eat, drink and socialize with other like minded tourists that never pass the gated community of abundance. 5) Try sunburn. What's the point of enjoying turquoise waters and 90+ weather if you're going to stay in the shade all day. Be that guy/gal that does the lobster impersonation at dinner on your Carnival cruise liner after a lengthy day in the Caribbean sun. #growfollowers #igtips #instafollowers #freetravel #cheaptravel #travelcheap #traveltips #thattravelblog #caribbean #grumpytraveler #tblogs #wanderlusts #cayman #travelblog #tblog #tblogger #nomadlife #vaycay #travelgram #travelbloggers #travelvlog #travelpic #traveltip #grumpytraveller #palmtrees #skate #skateboard #digitalnomad

2020-04-30 13:34:09

You are only as good as your last IG post. Not sure what that means but one of the Kar-jenners posted it so it must be valid. Here's my top 5 travel quotes and the type of people that post them: 1) "Take memories, leave footprints" - Chelsea, stays in Edinburgh, Scotland. Takes a "break" from her relationship everytime she goes to Ibiza with her girlfriend's. Wears H&M but tells people it's "designer". . . 2) "Not all those who wander are lost" - Karen, Texas USA. Travels mostly to other states to stay at her sisters. Has been to Mexico but didn't like the food. Don't use her name to make jokes, her brother in law is an attorney and she'll sue. 3) "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" - Bradley, introduces himself as Xio-mo'hic meaning "Man of free spirit". Worked as a barman for a backpacker in Amsterdam and traded weed or meditation classes for money. Doesn't speak to his parents anymore. . . 4) "Risk taker, adventurer, globetrotter, living the dream" - Francisco, from Chile but living in Las Angeles. Works out to look good for his next trip to southeast Asia. Still has his man-bun from 2016. Hasn't worn anything with sleeves since high school. @franciscojmartinezzz . . 5) "Travel broadens the mind, wander fuels the spirit" - Tony, 48 but tells people he's 40. Takes his wedding band off when he travels and always asks for "the hot girl" waitress to serve them. Been to 30 countries for work but his favorite is Pattaya in Thailand. . . #travelblog #travelblogger #hiking #traveltheworld #humorblog #menstreetstyle #mensfashion #streetwearfashion #travelquotes #grumpytraveller #mensfashion #wanderlust #passportstamps #passportpassion #traveladdiction #traveljunkies #naturephotography #naturephotograpy #outdoorworkout #natureseekers #hikingadventure #freshairgang #freshair #followforfollowback #likeforlikes #desperatehashtags #dontjudge

2020-04-17 16:53:30

HOW TRAVELLERS KEEP ENTERTAINED DURING COVID-19. This Virus ain't great. Being stuck indoors with nothing to do but watch Netflix, eat good food and do home workouts without much stress is a nightmare. Gone are the good old days of morning congestion, hostile work environments and crowded gyms. Anyway, here's 5 tips on keeping entertained whilst being locked down at home. 1) Astral Project- Your body may be locked down, but is your mind? Release your Astral body from your physical and go do all the things you're unable to. Fly to the market, walk on the moon or bond with the trees. (Ps, if you're struggling, two tabs of LSD will do the trick) 2) Turn your inside, outside - if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain. Redecorate your apartment to look like outdoors. Add some sand, trees, litter and the odd homeless person. Get an app on your phone that emulates the noise of traffic and play it 12 hours a day. 3) Become a personal trainer - For the low price of $100 paid directly to my bank account I will send you a handwritten level 1 crossfit certificate so you can help people injure their back, knees and shoulders online. 4) become homeless - homeless people live on the streets. The streets are outside. Give up all your worldly possessions and empty your account out to ensure nobody can force you to check into a hotel. Voila, freedom. 5) Register as essential service - remember to tell everyone that you're essential even if they don't ask. Also reiterate the fact that you get payed less than actors or sportsmen but that you're more important. Whats your favorite way to keep entertained? #men #beach #sea #cayman #miami #sunrise #sun #beachlife #caribbean #covid_19 #influencer #seaside #vacation #travel #travelban #pose #photooftheday #grumpytraveller #travelblog #travel #vacay #livingmybestlife #guy

2020-04-10 17:58:38

IG IS DYING. Engagement dropping, posts not reaching a great enough audience, stories not viewed. Let's face it, first Myspace, then Facebook and now instagram. It almost feels pointless to share an experience without 30 accounts commenting "great post, love your content, DM to collab". Here's my 5 tips to boost your social media: 1) Get Tik Tok: what's better than humiliating yourself on a platform of mostly 12 year olds doing makeup tutorials or prank videos? Spoiler alert, answer is NOTHING. Get the brand new youtube for minors and creeps and make videos with no substance or originalism. 2) Be a follower: buying followers is lame. It was cool in 2018 when your following correlated to your ego and need for validation, but now it's all about the likes and comments. Circumvent the lack off fake following engagement by making 50 additional profiles and like/commenting on your main profiles posts. 3) DM and ask to follow: let's face it. Instagram profiles dont know what's good for them. That little old great-aunty Susan who got instagram to follow her grand nephews actually needs to follow your bitcoin mining page for her own good. DM and ask her, incessantly, it's a great way to get followers. 4) Do a giveaway: but not an actual giveaway. Tell followers they will receive something but dont actually give it, that would be stupid and cost you money. So put something up for raffle but keep it for yourself. . . 5) Wear less: I cant keep on drilling this super valid information enough. There's a converse relationship with clothes and likes. Less is more, ie, less clothes = more likes. Doesn't matter if it's from 55 year old east african men, what matters is that IRS engagement. #men #beach #sea #cayman #miami #sunrise #sun #beachlife #caribbean #covid_19 #influencer #seaside #vacation #cheapflights #travel #travelban #pose #cat #coronabeer #cryptocurrency #photooftheday #grumpytraveller #travelblog #travel #vacay #livingmybestlife #guy

2020-04-01 17:35:16

HOW TO KEEP TRAVELLING DURING COVID-19. Travel influencers, bloggers and gurus, the coronavirus has infected millions of Instagrammers who are not able to snap pictures of heavens gate in Bali, Batu caves in Malaysia or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Without these momentous moments caught on camera, your livelihood is challenged as your thousands of followers have no material to spend less than one second on when scrolling down their feed. Here's my four tips of still having travel content even when stuck in your parents house or 300ft apartment. 1) Use old content: Now I usually only post the pictures I took 5 years ago when I gymmed consistently and didn't have bagels for 2nd breakfast. You can do the same with travel pics apparently. Recycle those 2012 India snapshots rebranded to "Helping the citizens in Mumbai during coronavirus" or "Distributing masks for those who need" . . 2) Green screen: I use this one all the time. Truth be told I haven't left my couch in 36 months and mostly just use background copy/paste to seem like I'm travelling. Way cheaper than a flight. 3) plagiarize travel pages: If you're one of the rare IG influencers that dont need to post a photo without your pushup bra or designer leggings in it, you can just find the best photos on @natgeotravel and post it as your own. Get credit where credit isn't due. 4) Pose infront of graffiti: Now I really wanted the classic "wings painted on wall making me look like an angel" background, but there's no damn generic graffiti artist here. I had to make due with what I had. (Note, overalls worn as I had to paint the wall for this picture) #coronavirus #graffiti #art #italy #france #iran #sun #travelinfluencer #caribbean #covid_19 #china #seaside #vacation #cheapflights #travel #travelban #catchflightsnotfeelings #travelling #coronabeer #fineart #photooftheday #grumpytraveller #travelblog #travel #vacay #livingmybestlife #guy #Covid-19

2020-03-25 19:47:09

THINGS ALL INFLUENCERS MUST DO DURING #COVID-19 #QUARANTINE 1) Give workouts; now that you can't go to your nearest beach or graffitied wall to post a pic of your bum, you can find other ways to show your tuchas off on the gram. Give squat tutorials to your insta followers focusing on the tights you wear and home setup. Dont worry about a useless thing like good form or technique. 2) Bring back old challenges; Tide pods were pretty cool, so was planking everywhere. How about the ice bucket challenge, but use sanitizer instead. 3) Start an online business; hoard all the toilet paper, face masks and sanitizer possible. Inflate the price by 200%, then ship off to the regular folks that have mass shortages at the mall. Making a buck off a national emergency is the foundation of capitalism. 4) Break your curfew: hide and seek has never been so fun. Go out of isolation and see how long you can dodge the boys in blue and the Corona infested streets. 5) spend time with your family; spoke to my wife yesterday, turns out shes a great person, real sense of humor. Apparently she works as a personal trainer and fitness professional. Crazy the things you find out about people. #coronavirus #beach #sea #italy #france #iran #sun #beachlife #caribbean #covid_19 #china #seaside #vacation #sunset #travel #travelban #catchflightsnotfeelings #cat #coronabeer #photooftheday #grumpytraveller #travelblog #travel #vacay #livingmybestlife #guy

2020-03-17 14:43:36

How to avoid coronavirus; Described as the flu on steroids, or the flu on flu, Corona has been named after the horrid effects felt after a night drinking Corona beer. Instead of catching Coronavirus, here's 5 things to rather catch on your travels. 1) Catch feelings. - remember the good old days when the worst you felt was after being rejected by your high school crush whom you had silently loved for 5 years straight? Yeah, that was way better than Corona. Go out and catch some feels for someone who will never reciprocate them. 2) Catch flights. - Go out and catch a international trip. Just not to Italy. Or France. Or China actually. Oh, also stay away from Iran. And most of the UK actually. 3) Catch some Ray's. - You know the saying, "Everybody loves Raymond". Well Raymond is short for Sunraymond, which is then shortened to Sunray. Catch some Sunrays. 4) Catch a predator. - That's right. Use your instagram to bait online predator's into thinking you're an underage person, then get them to meet up and shame them all over social media, getting them arrested in the process. 5) Catch a wakeup. - Not sure what this is, but my mom's been telling me to catch one for years. If you get one, bring it to me please. #coronavirus #beach #sea #italy #france #iran #sun #beachlife #caribbean #covid_19 #china #seaside #vacation #cheapflights #travel #travelban #catchflightsnotfeelings #cat #coronabeer #cryptocurrency #photooftheday #grumpytraveller #travelblog #travel #vacay #livingmybestlife #guy

2020-02-03 13:37:05

Here's a topless pic of me, which like most shots on IG, is going to have nothing to do with the caption below. So on a ccompletely unrelated, unremarkable and mostly unfortunate note: 5 things to do to avoid missing flights. 1) Go to the airport one day early - Have you seen how people queue up when the new apple products are released? Treat flying like this and set up a tent the night before in departure lounge 4 to ensure you're spick and span for that one hour flight to a neighboring state. 2) Call in a bomb - Nothing keeps flights grounded longer than whispers of 3lbs of grade A plutonium sitting on a local carrier. If you need a flight to delay for enough time to get to the airport 45min late and still grab a caramel latte, one easy call to customs does the trick. 3) Dont get off the plane - Nothing worse than booking a return flight and missing the leg back home. Make sure you never miss your return by simply staying on the airplane until it's time to go home. Bonus is that you save a ton on accommodation. 4) Book one flight ahead - To ensure you never miss the earlier flight, book the later one. Whenever you miss a flight, you are always told by the airport to get on the next one. To avoid missing the first one, book a secondary flight straight after the first one as backup. 5) Buy your own plane - ensure you can pitch up anytime by purchasing your own airplane. This avoids you having to rush to catch a flight. #growfollowers #igtips #instafollowers #instagrow #model #work #traveltips #thattravelblog #howto #grumpytraveler #topmodel #wanderlusts #malemodel #travelblog #tblog #tblogger #nomadlife #vaycay #mountain #flightattendant #follow #travelpic #traveltip #grumpytraveller #sea #beachlife #coastlife #digitalnomad

2020-01-28 13:52:15

Worst thing about taking a picture on the top of a mountain, is getting to the top of the mountain. This hike took 5 hours up a 70° incline in the sweltering heat. To avoid making the same mistakes I did, use the following tips when scaling long, steep terrains. 1) Travel light; nothing worse than trudging up a rock precipice with 30 odd kilograms on your back. Get rid of the dense heavy objects like water and food to scale the outcrops with ease. 2) Carve your own route; if there's a closed off section, chances are the rangers have closed it off because they don't want you having fun. Take "shortcuts" and make up new routes that nobody ever travels. Back your gut intuition. Pathways are for sissies. 3) Go at nightime; the day is hot, avoid getting burnt and dehydrated by going in the dead of night. Chances are you'll also have the hike entirely to yourself with nobody in screaming range. 4) Wear comfortable shoes; it's super annoying having boots digging in your heels and making your feet sweaty. Wear some flip-flops to air out your feet and have a chilled walk that you can enjoy. 5) Hike alone; this way you can watch Netflix while you hike and not have to worry about having to keep up a conversation or walk at someone else's pace. Also, it's great to discover new places alone without some know it all who'd been on the hike countless times and knows the area. #growfollowers #igtips #instafollowers #instagrow #hike #work #traveltips #thattravelblog #howto #grumpytraveler #sickday #wanderlusts #hikelife #travelblog #tblog #tblogger #nomadlife #vaycay #mountain #unfollow #follow #travelpic #traveltip #grumpytraveller #sea #beachlife #coastlife #digitalnomad #tablemountain #capetown

2019-12-27 16:35:29

Merry X-Mas and a happy new year. I know it's late, but rather late than never. Here's my five Christmas tips for getting presents which work for YOU, Grumpyworldtraveller style; 1) Have a relative you don't like? Get them flights and accommodation for the Christmas holidays. Ensure the vacation package is good enough to ensure they won't be around you for X-Mas, but not good enough for them to have a better time than you. IE, 3 star accomodation in Jamaica, but in Kingston city centre. 2) Convert to Judaism. Don't get anyone anything, instead, get everything from them. Make sure to complain that the Christmas roast isn't kosher and get those finicky relatives to cook specially for you. 3) Repurpose gifts and save money. All you need is a good pen and some correction fluid. Send that hand knitted sweater from Nan to your cousin's new born baby, or that bottle of egg-nog to your Islamic brother in law. . . 4) be forthright with the kids. Nobody likes finding out their parents lied to them for years. Be truthful to them about their adoption, which is your favorite kid, and finally, that Santa isn't real. Save loads of money now that the kids know the truth and you don't have to perpetuate a lie. . . 5) Give coal. Every kid knows that if they're naughty they're receiving coal. Rather set them up for good behaviour next year, by ensuring they learn consequences of their action this year. Blame it on Santa to avoid animosity. #traveltip #traveltips #traveladvice #cheaptravel #holiday #tblog #tblogger #thattravelblog #tblogs #travelguru #travelexpert #travelwithme #santa #nomad #digitalnomad #travellife #coupletravel #christmas #guru #advice #xmas #grumpytraveller #vacation #boxingday #newyear #resolutions #2020 #2019

2019-12-18 13:19:15

Hiking > Work So in order to hike and not work, here's my five handy tips on how to get out of a day in the office; 1) Food poisoning: Now everyone uses this at some time or other, however, rarely do original excuses shine through. Forget fish or bad chicken, next time tell your boss that your toothpaste was spoilt or you had a bad reaction to some rain you accidentally swallowed. 2) Death of a family pet: tired of Fido living 12+ years and never having that excuse? Get pet mayflys and watch them kick the bucket on the daily. Use those compassionate leave days like travel bloggers use filters. 3) Become multi-religious: Take Eid Mubarak in May, Ascension day in June, Channukah in early December and Christmas late December. Watch your boss squirm and writhe knowing he can't call you out on religion. 4) Burn down your office: Can't go to work if there isn't work to go to. Be preemptive with vacay by scheduling leave around the same time someone erroneously leaves the gas oven on with candles lit in the kitchen. 5) Become your own boss: sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. If your boss is upset at you always dodging work or taking days off, promote yourself to CEO and give yourself all the days off you need. Voila, unlimited leave #growfollowers #igtips #instafollowers #instagrow #hike #work #traveltips #thattravelblog #howto #grumpytraveler #sickday #wanderlusts #hikelife #travelblog #tblog #tblogger #nomadlife #vaycay #mountain #unfollow #follow #travelpic #traveltip #grumpytraveller #sea #beachlife #coastlife #digitalnomad


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