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2019-09-17 18:34:47

Sid and Stan Simons of @girlskin__ are renaissance men—@sidxsimons, a singer-songwriter and occasional model, leads the Brooklyn based alt-folk collective of which @slurpystan, an actor, model and musician, is also a member. The brothers refuse to lock their emotions in a safe. Quite the opposite, Sid and Stan’s creative life is centered in ongoing and unencumbered translations of themselves as they come of age, find love, and wade in the stew of other human stories. ⠀ Document caught up with the sibling alt-folk duo to discuss growing up in a family of creatives, working with Princess Nokia, and finding God in the White Stripes. Read the full story at the link in our bio. Text by Jordan Aaron Guy. ⠀ Photography by @ciuftagram. Styling by @edward.bowleg. Hair and grooming by @rebekahcalo. Starring @sidxsimons and @slurpystan at @nextmodels.

2019-09-16 18:31:21

For @puppetsandpuppets' second collection at NYFW, Document decided to join in on the maximalist nature of the trailblazing brand by throwing a third "puppet" into the mix. In this exclusive video, model and puppeteer @leahogawa created a puppet akin to her own likeness and went backstage before the show. There they were both fitted with matching outfits supplied by Puppets and Puppets before joining the front row to watch the show up close and personal. ⠀ Video by James Emmerman (@jamesemmerman). Featuring Leah Ogawa (@leahogawa). Edited by Nikita Merrin (@nikeetz). Music by Dorit Chrysler (@doritchrysler) + Gaul Plus (@gaulplus).

2019-09-16 14:59:09

Bushwig celebrated its ninth edition in New York this month, in September, the ninth month of the year 2019. Coincidence? Perhaps. But Document took the possibly meaningless recurrence of the number nine as a sign that we should dispense nine disposable cameras to eight extremely generous queens and one pop star set to perform at Horrorchata and Babes Trust’s annual and ever-growing two-day festival. ⠀ Shockingly(!), only four of those cameras came back. @pattispliff, @tylerjashley (The Dauphine of Bushwick), @slayyyter, and @pantheralush: We thank you. And we also thank the other queens because we get it, you were busy, you didn’t have any pockets, and disposable cameras are both bulky and small, hard to fit anywhere and easy to lose. ⠀ Click the link in our bio to see the rest of the photos from the surviving cameras, courtesy of @jamesemmerman, Patti Spliff, Tyler Ashley, Slayyyter, and Panthera. Text by R. Paul McAdory (@whitehetscum). #bushwig

2019-09-13 15:56:16

The quintessential backstage beauty scene at most New York Fashion Week shows usually gives off an assembly-line quality. For @marcjacobs Spring 2020, @themarcjacobs confronted this stereotype by enlisting an incomparable army of beauty powerhouses to bring his individualized visions to life—hairstylist @guidopalau, colorist @joshwoodcolour, makeup guru @patmcgrathreal, and nail artist @nailsbymei, who transformed 60 models into modernized versions of some of Jacobs’ favorite icons, with nods to Jane Fonda’s Klute shag, Shelley Duval’s bowl cut, and Marilyn Monroe’s bombshell tresses. ⠀ Visit the link in our bio as we take a look at all the holographic lids, saturated under-eye shadows, and delicate rhinestone studded lips. Text by Lauren Tischler ( Photography by Mich Cardin (@michcardin).

2019-09-11 19:03:33

To cast his Spring 2020 show, Victor Barragán, founder of Barragán (@barragannnn), teamed up with casting director María Osado, who runs the Mexico City-based agency Guerxs (@guerxs). “The idea was to also create a fun environment, to break the ice,” Osado said of the experience. “Barragán wants you to be careless, and above everything: yourself.” ⠀ In advance of the show, photographer Oumayma B. Tanfous documented the faces who represented Barragán's inclusive spirit. View more at the link in our bio. Text by Lauren Tischler ( Photography by Oumayma B. Tanfous (@oumaymabtanfous).

2019-09-09 20:39:21

Under elaborate marble arches and a grand double staircase, @siesmarjan showed an understated, yet elegant, interpretation of luxury. Carefully curated looks—rich palettes, drapey fabrics, and animal print textures—twirled throughout the lobby at the Hall of Records, a magnificent 1907 Beaux Arts  building in Lower Manhattan. ⠀ “We don’t start with references or mood boards or inspiration; we start with color,” said creative director Sander Lak. “It’s like the next level—not only the jackets, the bags, the skirts, the shoes, but also the toenails are all the same and dipped in a really glossy shine.” View the link in our bio to see more from backstage. Text by Rachel Cheung (@rachelxcheung). Photography by Emily Lipson (@emily.lipson).

2019-09-09 17:31:52

Last February, a mob surrounded Irving Plaza as media, buyers, and assorted cool kids tried to fight their way into the Telfar Fall/Winter 2019 fashion show. ⠀ “I know Gia,” one cried to the gatekeepers at the door. “Gia!” another one yelled, trying to get her attention. “I’m going to text Gia,” said another. ⠀ That “Gia” is Gia Kuan (@giakuan), the PR maven behind many of New York fashion’s most popular labels, like Telfar, Area, and Puppets and Puppets. “It’s definitely a balancing act,” she said. As public relations shifts due to the decline in print media, increase in influencer marketing, and oversaturation of emerging labels, Kuan is redefining what it means to be a publicist in 2019, and her expertise helps her brands thrive in a competitive market. ⠀ Visit the link in our bio to read our full story on the PR powerhouse behind New York’s fashion renaissance. Text by Ann Binlot (@annbinlot). Photography by Alexander Cody Nguyen (@alexandercodynguyen).

2019-09-05 19:46:18

“You can study forever and always get better and better at certain things, but it never ends. So there’s levels to the obsession.” ⠀ The last six months have been big for @flyinglotus. Since the release of his first album in 2006, the Los Angeles-based electronic artist, filmmaker, rapper, DJ, and producer alternately known as FlyLo, Captain Murphy, or Steven Ellison has been regarded as one of contemporary music’s most formidable visionaries. This April, FlyLo released the video for his song “Fire Is Coming,” which he co-directed with @davidfirth66. The video features a terrifying David Lynch reciting a story while peeking through the mouth of a soiled wolf costume. ⠀ In a quiet moment on his whirlwind tour, the visionary artist spoke to writer Rhodes Murphy about directing David Lynch and relearning the rules of music. Link in bio. Photography by James Emmerman (@jamesemmerman).

2019-09-04 18:50:51

“For as long as I can remember, Asian men have always been depicted as subservient and not ‘strong’ enough to be featured in leading roles,” says Paul Bui, creative at-large for @thefacemagazine. “Asian women were overly sexualized, fetishized and often portrayed as quiet and obedient. And queer, trans and non-binary Asians were practically no where to be seen when it came to representation.” ⠀ For his film, Bui asked musicians, performers, and activists—including model and drag queen West Dakota, “Slaysian” pop star K Rizz, and Brooklyn-based DJ NK Badtz Maru, who performed at Document’s S/S 2019 launch party—for their tips on challenging the binary, building community, and ensuring an intersectional future. Visit the link in our bio to watch the full video. ⠀ Featuring @neekoal @slayrizz @iamwestdakota @vivianne_yi @shaobohan and @sammykims . ⠀ Film by @paulbui. Creative Director Andy Boyce. Director of Photography @lucian_0. Video Editor Jon Sevik @matteprojects. Production assistant @timmyisntfun. Sound Technician Rich Cardone. Music by K Rizz, 'Big Slaysian Energy.' ⠀ Special thanks to @milk and @matteprojects.

2019-08-30 19:36:22

“We’re in dozens of emergency situations that need immediate attention, and if you pay attention to all of them, it can be a little paralyzing. But it’s a privilege to become paralyzed.” ⠀ A lot has happened in 2019 that people should be angry about. 2018 too, and songwriter @ezra.furman.visions has funneled his frustrations by ways of a microphone, producing a quintessentially punk reaction to our society’s current injustices. ⠀ Ahead of the release of his latest album, “Twelve Nudes”—which released today—Ezra sat down with Document to talk about what it means to be punk in an age that requires excessive refusal of complacency. Link in bio for full story. ⠀ Photography by James Emmerman (@jamesemmerman). Text by Sophia Rose Segarra (@sophsegarra).

2019-08-29 15:16:49

For Document Online, photographer Sarai Mari’s dewy ode to the humble snail. See the full story online, link in bio. ⠀ Photographer @saraimari724. Hair @cut2kill using @livingproofinc. Make Up @misuzumiyake using @maccosmetics at @artdeptagency. Casting @abischwinck at @madecasting. Model @mersedhes.

2019-08-28 18:17:33

Last month, Document traveled to @ghettogastro’s former headquarters on Third Avenue in the Bronx the week they moved out of that location to get a behind-the-scenes look at their self-proclaimed “Black Power Kitchen,” and sat down with Walker, Livingston, and Serrao, who shared their famous award-winning Watermelon Granita. ⠀ Produced by @annbinlot @jamesemmerman Video by @graykohs Edited by Sound Design Mooncake Audio @weirddane + @li__kala Sound Recordist @danny__smh B Cam Operator @ryan_t_shaw Music by @weirddane