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2020-02-21 23:05:45

Goths, flower children, ravers, and genderless punks: Moncler Genius is fashion’s new first family. Document goes inside @moncler’s fantastical celebration of outerwear and community spirit. ⠀ This season’s iteration (the third of Moncler’s groundbreaking collaboration) saw 12(!) design partners across fashion and lifestyle products—including @jw_anderson, @richardquinn, @simonerocha_, @craig__green, @alyxstudio, @fujiwarahiroshi of fragment design, @sergiozambon and @veronicaleoni for Moncler 1952, @sandromandrino for Moncler Grenoble, @rickowensonline, @rimowa, @poldodogcouture, and—use Moncler’s iconic puffer coat as a portal into their wonderfully disparate worlds. ⠀ Visit the link in our bio to read our full coverage of the monumental presentation, and to see every image of the action courtesy of photographer @mollysjlowe. Text by @hannahongley. #MonclerGenius

2020-02-21 17:48:48

Document meets drummer and composer @sunnydrums, whose new album ‘Wild Wild East’ (out today on @smithsonianfolkways) is a Bollywood-Western odyssey to the heart of American identity. ⠀ “Immigrants leave their home country and everything that’s familiar to go to a foreign land and to seek opportunity. To me that is courageous and bold. That’s what the cowboy and cowgirl should represent.” ⠀ Visit the link in our bio to read the full story. Text by Noah Berlatsky. Photography by @alexandercodynguyen.

2020-02-20 18:15:46

@_sam_was_here’s latest short film ‘Tyler Works at the Gas Station’ works to explore the web of social intricacies that comes with being a creative in New York—where artistic inspiration, career success, social status, sex life, and self worth are all so closely intertwined. The meta conceit of the film lies in the casting, with each character played by real-life New York creatives @nikathedreamer, @cameronleephan, @slurpystan, and @phineas.kirsch. ⠀ Visit the link in our bio to watch a teaser of the film accompanied by a photoshoot of the cast by @marietomanova, and read as Document talks with the films cast, director, and producer (@soph_the_cloud) about maintaining artistic integrity through commercial success and creative crisis. Text by @06_female. Photography by @marietomanova.

2020-02-20 16:22:39

“I think so many people get stuck in a stereotype of themselves. ‘I’m this kind of girl,’ or to use New Yorker terms, ‘I’m an Upper East side girl, I’m a downtown girl. I’m an artist; I’m a banker’—whatever. I think a lot of that is shifting away now. Women are so multifaceted in everything they do, and that’s who I was designing for.” ⠀ @juliacumming takes designer @michelleduncan of @duncan.newyork to her favorite East Village record store @academyrecords, where the pair discuss @ko, @ladytron, creating for the truly multifaceted woman, and why a timeless suit is as rock n’ roll as it gets. Link in bio for full story. Photography by @vikotje.

2020-02-19 20:25:39

Behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. Here are a few of our favorite shots from the week, featuring @jw_anderson, @babbym, and @christopherkane. Photography by @cris.fragkou and @davidaarichardson. Visit to read our full reports from the show.

2020-02-18 21:00:56

Watch @juliacampbellgillies transform into Anna Karina in @davidaarichardson’s sultry ode to the incomparable glamour of the late French New Wave icon. Edited by Marina Dulepina. Styling by @alisavornehm. ⠀ Models @juliacampbellgillies at @antiagencyldn and @braddibs at @lindenstaub. Voice @elvireroux at @carolhayesmanagement. Hair @sarahjopalmer at @dandvmanagement using @mrsmithhair. Make-up by @vass_theotokis at @streetersagency.

2020-02-18 16:14:46

30 minutes with @the_mura_masa, your favorite rapper’s secret weapon. ⠀ “You want to be successful as a musician and you want people to be able to hear as much work as possible. But at the same time, people are listening to too much now, to the point where you can’t really say anything without people expecting [a new release] next week.” ⠀ The 23-year old producer’s second album, ‘Raw Youth Collage’ is the confusing, perfect soundtrack for our existential crisis. Visit the link in our bio to read as @yyyord talks with Alex Crossan about his album, the existential crisis happening in music, and why you should be using social media semi-ironically. Photography by @richarddowker. Styling by @cleartheskinny.

2020-02-14 17:40:08

@susan_alexandra rules a glittering empire. The self-made brand spans the color wheel, requires meticulous beading, and exudes uplifting energy. Set in the intimate atmosphere of @publicartsnyc in Manhattan this past Saturday, the creative handbags and accessories designer presented her Fall/Winter 2020 collection in the form of musical theater. ⠀ @jamesemmerman went to meet the cast of the show, including @hunterabrams, @bennydrama7, @marybethbarone, @jessicajoffe, @richard_perez, and @larryowenslive. Captured by a cast of personified emotions, a disagreeable landlord, and her pet Pigeon, the 20-minute performance delved into the rite-of-passage narrative of a young artist’s dream of making it in New York City. Text by @rachelxcheung. Edited by Music and Lyrics @murnewyork.

2020-02-13 20:57:55

Watch @hpnotik_ talk fears, aspirations, and innovation at her @kimshuistudio NYFW casting. Film by @halfmanhalfmachine. Interview by @jiparadigm

2020-02-13 15:39:06

At @dionlee FW20, the designer accommodates fast-paced lifestyles while retaining an aura of cool. Link in bio for our full report. Photography by Text by Caroline Reagan.

2020-02-12 15:50:52

With their Jean Giraud inspired collection, @puppetsandpuppets proved themselves to be the ultimate antidote to fashion week fatigue. Read our full dispatch from their NYFW show with behind the scenes photographs by @vikotje online now, link in bio. Text by @yyyord.

2020-02-10 22:05:47

Informed by Madame Grès, volume, texture, and elaborate silhouettes merge in @christopherjohnrogers’ extravagant designs. “Chaotic glamour” is paired with the pragmatic aim to create a modern interpretation of elegance, tapping into the juxtaposition of imagination and remembrance with a full spectrum of jewel-tones, intricate ruching, and shimmering @swarovski crystals. ⠀ Visit the link in our bio to read our dispatch from Rogers’ Fall/Winter 2020 show. Text by @rachelxcheung. Photography by @cris.fragkou.