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@campo24roma Campo24 🏠Guesthouse 🇮🇹 Piazza Campo dè Fiori24,Roma Reservation: ☎️wapp 329 8943554 🖊fb campo24 ✉️

2020-04-25 16:26:06

#campodeifiori #campo24roma🌷

2020-04-23 16:46:17

In this very difficult time, the love of our guests gives us hope and faith. In America, Ohio State, there is a sorbet dedicated to #Roma nostra. Thank you so much to @Josef Bomback and @Debby Krejsa, the owners of @cowhauscreamery . They called a sorbet Campo24. We are so proud and honored❤️🥳🍧

2020-04-21 09:44:11

Auguri Roma @elimigliozz86 ph.

2020-04-18 10:31:44


2020-04-14 15:27:29

“Amazing place”- Change the date, Save tourism❤️ #campodefiori #campo24roma

2020-04-13 17:27:41

More tran 👉🏻1008 Likes and 👉🏻1033 followers Thank’s a lot to trust in us we will rise like Phoenicians and stronger than before❤️ We are woorking to make tourism safe Stay tuned👉🏻@campo24roma

2020-04-13 13:05:23

Don’t forget “Piazza Campo de Fiori “ #save the turism #change the date

2020-04-12 08:40:49

#buona Pasqua #stiamoacasa ❤️🐣

2020-04-11 15:14:27

Are you ready for the easter time 🐇🐣? post your picture!! #stayathome Ti stai preparando per la Pasqua?🐣🐇? Postaci la tua foto di quello che stai cucinando #stiamoacasa

2020-04-09 12:25:49

our special breakfast is cooming Back better than before! 🍪☕️🥧 Change your date, save the tourism

2020-03-21 18:28:25


2020-03-18 17:07:44

It’s time to do “Smart working” for #campo24roma . It’s an hard Moment and we are doing Everything to restart at the top. We hope to see you later.❤️ Please do not delete your trip but change the date and save our job.


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