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2020-10-19 22:54:25

✨I’ve been itching for a Hogwarts/Harry Potter themed layout so it was time to do it in my @cratepaper planner! ✨ . I have a feeling this is going to come together like magic!

2020-10-19 16:03:41

Nothing to see here...JUST KIDDING! Combining rainbow and seasonal?! I’m in love! . I had to dig thru the old stamp stash to find what I was looking for and when I did?! BOOM! Rainbow pumpkins!

2020-10-18 16:13:23

Swipe to see these 😍details😍! . These @studio_calico travelers notebooks are making themselves! I had no idea I was going to love this so much - I can hardly wait to print a new photo and play with the embellishments in my stash!

2020-10-17 20:56:39

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Originally, I meant I cannot stop scrapbooking dog photos BUT I realize now my doggo can’t stop playing in the pool, either! . I was smitten with a design I had used and so I did a similar design, just re-imagined a bit. 💙

2020-10-17 17:10:22

Why not throw a picture or two down in your planner? I know you’ll be happy you did! . After 4 years of memory planning [2020 is my 5th year] I LOVE looking back at how things have changed and I think you would, too. . I used a lot of printables this week - papers from @sahindesigns [it is SO EASY!] and florals designed by 😍Add in embellishments + alphas from my stash - I love it!

2020-10-16 20:21:31

Serious question: do you memory keep? If YES, how? If NO, why not? Humor me, I really am curious! . Pretty smitten with this layout in my @studio_calico travelers notebook. I pulled three colors from the stripe pattern on the left for the embellishments on the right [swipe for a close up!] and I am in love!

2020-10-16 15:06:52

It’s easy to refer back to my lists + plans when they look good! . Creating a pleasing combo is what keeps me on task each week, for sure! And I love the combo of the stamped @ellesstudio numbers + decor from @adorablyamydesigns + @themodestcat - it definitely spices things up!

2020-10-15 22:02:45

Getting stuff done and looking cute too thanks to @shinestickerstudio & @themodestcat 👻🎃 . How about you? How’s the first half of your week looking?

2020-10-14 22:41:03

My favorite thing about the @michaelsstores Hudson cart is that I can wheel it all over to work & craft anywhere I want! This afternoon I sat by the pool and updated this week in my planner + got a start on next week! . Obviously my second favorite part is the size - I can organize everything easily!

2020-10-14 17:09:51

💕PINK💕 . Choosing one color for a planner layout is probably THE EASIEST way to plan for the week. It might be the most satisfying, too!

2020-10-13 18:38:02

😍Getting it done is CUTE! 😍 . My main planner gets filled in with all the things and yet, somehow is still so cute. Plus, I’m still in awe of the paper in the @passionplanner - it’s so good! 😍

2020-10-13 00:05:12

👻Keeping it creepy!👻 . Still not the biggest fan of before the pen but when it’s ghoulish it’s hard not to feel like the season of spook is here! 🎃


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